Ahmed Jihad Photographers Capture the Joy and Anxiety of First-Time Voters

With Election Day finally upon us, there’s never been a more important time to exercise your constitutional right to vote. For some young first-time voters, though, simply casting their ballots wasn’t enough; while some young activists are volunteering as poll workers or canvassing undecided voters via Hinge, others are celebrating the mere fact of being eligible to vote at all in this crucial election. In an election year showing signs of a record number of young voters, with the potential to tip the scales, what could be more apropos?

To commemorate the significance of the 2020 presidential election, a wide and diverse group of Gen Z–identified photographers—including Denise Stephanie, Olivia Reavey, Romina Estrada, Antonio Chicana, Quannah ChasingHorse Potts, and David Baptiste—set out to photograph themselves and their friends (many of whom are also first-time voters) to highlight the importance of elevating young voices. See their photos from all over America below.

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