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Chumki was also acclaimed for her performance in the play ‘Gahargachhi’ by the same author. It is the first serial drama directed by Saladin Lavlu. On stage, Chumki has performed equally well in plays like ‘Nityapuran’ and ‘Sita’s Agnipriksha’. He has also acted in Rabindranath Tagore’s dance drama ‘Chitrangada’. He has been associated with stage and television for three decades. During this period, besides acting, he also wrote and directed plays. Recently, she played the role of Ghaseti Begum in BTV’s drama ‘Zindabahar’. She said, ‘Working in this role was a great challenge. Besides, my greed was also towards the character. Shown here is why Ghaseti Begum is so criticized, why she is greedy and addicted. He had various kinds of greed. To the ornament, to the money. He had contact with the English even in captivity. In this play people will get a lot of information of that time. He adopted a brother of Sirajuddaula. ‘But the people of Bengal hated him and were not afraid to play his role,’ he said. As an actor, I am as greedy as Ghaseti Begum. My greed, let people remember me.

He started acting on stage in. He came to Dhaka in 1996 for higher studies. Chumki made her small screen debut in 1999 with the serial ‘Yate Yate Abheshe’. The play was directed by Ananta Hira. The first play written and directed by Chumki is ‘Yeh Jeevan Doyle, Grasshopper’. In 2006, he won the National Film Award for his film Ghani. Another notable movie he acted in was Lalon. His story book ‘Binita’ was published at Ekushey Book Fair last year. Chumki will soon take part in the rehearsal of Masum Raza’s play ‘Pendulum’. He has recently completed work on the web series ‘Marichika’ of streaming platform Charki directed by Shihab Shaheen. Protection Status


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