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Md Jihad Hasan’s own song on his own channel

After two years, musician Md Jihad Hasan is bringing original songs. The title of the song is ‘A Bird on a Cornish Rose’. The video of the song will be released on the artist’s own YouTube tomorrow, February 12, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.
His last original song about Bangabandhu was released in 2019 under the title ‘Architect of Bengal’. After many days of doing basic songs, Md Jihad Hasan said, ‘I just work slowly. You have to take care of the children and spend time at home. Let’s do some stage shows in between. That’s why I sing basic songs with different time.

The musician said, ‘A bird on the cornice every day’ is a song with sweet words and melody. This song is about nature and love. “It’s a conventional thing, not a love song,” he said. Since it’s a Valentine’s Day song, that appeal remains. Both the words and the melody have been great.

Md Jihad Hasan said that this is his first song for his YouTube channel. So he did the song with extra care. He wants the audience to like the song. Protection Status


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