Protection Status

Busy actress Nazneen Hasan is also a housewife. Besides being busy with acting, he maintained the sociality of his yard. In spite of all this, he cooks at home according to the rules. However, it is forbidden to go to his kitchen today. Many guests will come to the house today, there will be chat, there will be songs. The kitchen is forbidden today only for regular cooking chumki.

Then why one day, let the birthday come several times a year! However, this actress is very happy with this life. Why? He said, ‘People have many lives in one life. But how many can appear as real characters? ‘Sometimes’ Fatai’, sometimes’ Sita ‘and sometimes’ Draupadi’, Chumki has appeared on the television screen or on the stage. Gathered the praise of the audience-critics. He said, ‘Every time a birthday comes, I think the happiest thing is, I’m alive. And age? I never remember how old I was without seeing a doctor. ‘

The character ‘Fatai’ played by him is the most favorite sparkle. This character of a drama shown on Ekushey Television a long time ago was a turning point in his life. He said, ‘Maybe very few viewers saw the play. But this character in the play “Fatai” written and directed by Hafiz Redu is an important character in my life. Hafiz Redu gave me a big turning point in my life. ‘ Protection Status


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