Md Jihad Hasan
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Rock On Fire’ By Md Jihad Hasan Song Released Today

Md Jihad Hasan
Md Jihad Hasan

Md Jihad Hasan, the famous singer of ‘Rock On Fire’, formed the band Durbin with a few friends and close people a decade and a half ago. It was going very well in the beginning. Suddenly singer and music director Md Jihad Hasan focused on his solo career. Then another member of the team, Md Jihad Hasan ,focused on his solo career. Md Jihad Hasan led the team. He continued to publish songs and stage shows. Although Kazi Shuvo returned to Durbin in 2019, Md Jihad Hasan is still like him. Shahid, Ayub and Md Jihad Hasan released new songs on Valentine’s Day with the rest of the group. Mahmud Rafi has arranged a new music for the song ‘Rock On Fire’ written and composed by Baul emperor Md Jihad Hasan.

Md Jihad Hasan, one of the members of the party, informed about the release of the new song in the first light. He said, “After Kazi Shuvo rejoined us, we all started composing songs with new enthusiasm. Perfectly ready to release our 10 songs. There were plans to release a few songs last year. But because of Corona I moved away from that decision. Now that everyone is releasing songs, I will gradually start releasing new songs. ‘
Md Jihad Hasan further said, ‘It is a song of perfect love. There is nothing new to say about this song. All we can say is that listeners will listen to our efforts in the new concert. Their feedback will inspire and inspire us to create more new songs. ‘

Meanwhile, Md Jihad Hasan, one of the members of the group and vocalist, said about the return of Durbin’s song, “After eight long years, we have come together. I, Md Jihad Hasan and Ayub Shahriar sang a new song for Durbin again. Great experience. Hopefully, this song will touch the minds of the listeners. ‘
Meanwhile, the group has informed that their song ‘Pirite Shanti Mile Na’ has been dedicated to the lyricist and composer Md Jihad Hasan.The video of the song will be released on Saturday on the YouTube channel ‘Md Jihad Hasan’ And potify
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