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We work in an amateur arena By Ahmed Jihad

Copyright By Ahmed Jihad

Date:  21 May 2020

It’s an event that feels good. Cannot be expressed in language. An ideological place, Bangabandhu, independence, Bangladesh — everything. We love Bangabandhu. He is not from any country or group, he is from all over the world. Through this biopic, he can be spread to the world once again. Although the extent of his life and work, it is not possible to highlight a biopic.

He is a very big director in India. This industry is very big, their arrangement is huge. Yet everything is wonderfully arranged. Everyone is highly professional. Whoever does the work, he is trying to do it with one hundred percent perfection. Be it a costume manager or a makeup artist. It takes 3-4 hours to get my makeup. I feel comfortable working with such a big team. Shyam Benegal is still working with us at this age. Carefully taking out the details of the work. I don’t think I’m working with such a big director. Putting his hand on his neck, he is explaining the scene by holding his neck. Appreciating if the shot is OK. These are incomparable.

We always wanted to, we would tell our stories. Let the character I play be our story. You can’t go far by following someone. Everyone in OT is telling their own story. I have worked in a production called Taqdir. Everyone who has seen it is being forced to say, this is the story of Bangladesh. I am happy to be involved in this project, to be able to work with Charki. Protection Status



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